The primary purpose of the Hagia Sophia is to be a place of God’s worship

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The Council of Lithuanian Muslim Religious Communities - Muftiate is pleased to receive information from the Turkish Supreme Court on revoking the status of the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Hagia Sophia is a symbol of Turkey's majestic history, the legacy of Islamic civilization, and which is in the hearts of all Muslims. It is also a masterpiece of global architecture and a great model for designing mosques around the world.

The LMRBT-Muftiate sincerely believes that the conversion of this religious building to the status of a mosque will return the Hagia Sophia to its primary purpose, a place of worship of God. We also do not doubt that DIYANET will be able to take on this challenging responsibility.

The Lithuanian Muslim community has also experienced a similar historical event. In 1954 the Soviet regime nationalized the Mosque of Kaunas city. In 1973, it was turned into a cultural object. Thus, it housed a children's library and was planned to establish a museum of oriental art. Nevertheless, our believers had never lost hope of winning the truth. 

Indeed, with difficulty comes ease. (Qur'an 94–6). It was a great achievement when after Lithuania regained its independence, the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Republic of Lithuania, ordered that the Mosque of Kaunas must be returned to the faithful and its original purpose - a house of prayer - was restored.

Today, the Turkish people are experiencing similar success. All glory and thanks be to Allah, who did it.

We pray to Almighty Allah to protect the people of Turkey, its history and heritage and ask Him to protect us from the evil of our enemies.