Lithuanian Prime Minister congratulates Lithuania's Muslim community on Ramadan Bayram

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has congratulated the country's Sunni Muslim community on Ramadan Bayram, a holiday marking the end of the month of fasting.

“Since ancient times, people of many nationalities have lived in Lithuania and called it their homeland,” Šimonytė said in a press release on Thursday. “Lithuania's Sunni Muslims, most of whom are Tatars, celebrate Ramadan Bayram, a holiday of great importance for the whole community.”

“We value the Tartar community which has significantly contributed to the restoration of Lithuanian statehood and its history and culture,” she said, noting that 2021 has been designated as the year of Tatar history and culture in Lithuania.

Šimonytė offered her “sincere congratulations” to the Sunni Muslim community on the holiday.

The first Tatars came to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early 14th century. Around 3,000 ethnic Tatars live in Lithuania today.


Published: 2021-05-13