Birth certificate extract from Raižiai Mosque (1945)

Mufti A. Beganskas presenting a birth certificate extract from Raižiai mosque

September 3 2020,  The Lithuanian Council of Muslim Religious Communities - Muftiate chairman, Mufti A. Beganskas standing together with the head of the Lithuanian Tatar Museum L. Gaidukevičienė, after a month-long search, finally managed to find a man, who owns the recently found original extract from the birth book of the Mosque of the Raižiai Magometon Parish with a stamp and the signature of Imam A. Chaleckas. Thus, Mufti brought respect to the Lithuanian Tatar Zita Makaveckienė.

Mufti A. Beganskas went to Raižiai and presented a copy of the original birth certificate.

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